Dr. Robert W. Lawler       Dr. Yi Li

Dr. Robert W. Lawler

BBN Technologies, USA

Associate Editor: Interactive Learning Environments

Keynote Speech Title: "Educational Games and Virtual Reality as Disruptive Technologies"


We are at the cusp in time when the use of Virtual Reality (VR) environments and games and edutainment are resulting in a creative output that foreshadows a new Renaissance in learning—affording entirely new options for human creativity and global social interaction in science, business, and government. These technologies, as well as those emerging within the new cyber-enabled landscape of social networking and disruptive scientific endeavors; creative computing and the arts; humanities; and the emerging global technological workforce, are disrupting traditional education practice; producing new learning processes, environments, and tools; and expanding scientific discovery beyond anything this world has ever seen. In the context of these disruptive innovations, why are learning technologies, specifically game-based learning and VR environments, so glacially slow to be adopted in schools, universities, or across informal science education institutions, at a time when our world is in dire need of a highly creative, innovative, and technologically sophisticated workforce to manage its complexities on a global scale?  It is time that the political forces in this world begin to understand this potential and own up to their responsibilities for transforming education.






Dr. Yi Li

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Keynote Speech Title: "Pedagogical Effect of Elearning Technology on Student Learning Behavior"

Yili_photo_cropDr. Yi Li is a full professor and director of Textile Bioengineering Research Center in the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. With over 500 scientific publications and more than 50 patents, he is a Fellow of the Textile Institute, Life Fellows of International Biographical Association and the Royal Society of Art, Commerce and Manufacturing, and adjunct professors of a number of universities in China and a member of several professional bodies. He is the Chairman of Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Society and the Editor-in-Chief of “Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics”.

He has won more than 30 awards on research papers, patent inventions and technology transfer and serves as member of a number of research committees of AATCC and ASTM. His research interests cover nanotechnology, fiber bioengineering, textile biotechnology, textile physics, heat and moisture transfer in textile materials, clothing physiology and psychology, smart textiles and apparel products, ergonomics, clothing function and comfort, objective measurement and specification of apparel products, new product development, clothing functional CAD technology, strategic management and sustainable competitiveness. He has been invited to give plenary and key lectures at more than 40 international conferences in the area of nanotechnology, fiber bioengineering, clothing comfort and functional design. Prof. Li is the chief scientist of a number of projects in nanotechnology, smart thermal functional materials, advanced clothing functional CAD technology, high performance sportswear and biomaterials and biomedical textiles.




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